Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green-Review

John Michael Green, the author of ‘The Fault in our Stars’ is a young adult fiction writer, a You Tube vlogger, critique, educator and father. He was born on August 24, 1977 and grew up in Orlando, Florida. He went to Kenyon College and double majored in religious belief and English. Next he attended the University of Chicago Divinity School yet he also went to the local children’s’ hospital to volunteer. Being around Children with illnesses got him inspired to write ‘The Fault in our Stars’. Green wrote many other successful books such as Looking for Alaska, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Paper Towns, Let it Snow, and more.
The Fault in our stars is story about a sixteen year old girl named Hazel who is diagnosed with remmisioned lung cancer. She is very reclusive and maybe a bit depressed. One time while she went to her support group, she met seventeen year old Augustus Waters. The quickly became best friends and begin to have picnics, watch movies, and read the same books. They even manage to have an amazing adventure.Yet the entire story completely turns over.
I think this story is the closest thing that you can get to knowing how people with diseases feel. The way that John Green writes really make you feel like you are in the persons shoes. In general, I think the story line was also very creative. I loved how this story connected together at the end. Even though this is an amazing book, it can be hard for some to read. It does have content such as illnesses and close to death experiences in it. It shows the sad part of people’s lives who have cancer.  Overall, ‘The Fault in our Stars’ is a sad yet unbelievable book that hopefully more and more people will read and get the experience that I did. 

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