Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Mossflower" Review

The Mossflower by Brian Jacques 
Brian Jacques was born in Liverpool, England, where he lives today. He has worked at many 
different professions such as a longshoreman, a stand-up comedian, a long-distance truck driver, 
and a playwright. His most recent job is a presenter for BBC Radio Merseyside and host of 
Jakestown, his own program. In addition to the much-admired Redwall series, Brian Jacques’s 
works include Seven Strange Ghostly Tales and a storybook, The Great Redwall Feast. 
 Mossflower is about the plight of the woodlanders who live in Mossflower woods. Kotir, 
a tower outside of the woods, has been taken over by a group of wildcat soldiers who oppress the 
small animals. When a mousethief named Gonff is thrown into prison in Kotir’s dungeon and 
meets Martin the Warrior, the two escape and set out with Dinny the mole on a dangerous quest 
for Salamandastron hoping to find Boar the fighter, their only hope to set Mossflower free. In 
their absence, two baby hedgehogs are kidnapped. The woodlanders are left to rescue them and 
hold down the fort until the questing group returns, but are in the dark about the perils they are 
 Mossflower is a highly entertaining and exciting read with colorful and humorous 
characters that lighten it up. I could not put it down once I started reading it, and I would highly 
recommend it for anybody looking for a fun thriller. 

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