Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review of "The Secret Miracle" by Jorge Luis Borges

By Pink Pugz 4 life

Jorge Luis Borges was born in Buenos Aires in 1899 and died in Geneva in June 1986. Borges’ was one of the most widely acclaimed writers of our time. He published many collections of poem, essays, and short stories. Borges’ received many awards, for example the Publishers’ prize, the first of many degrees of Doctor of Letters, the fifth biennial Jerusalem Prize and the Gerardo Diego de Cervantes Prize. 

The “Secret Miracle” took place in Prague around the time of the holocaust. The main character Hladik is faced with death because he signed an article that was against the Nazi’s. he is told that he will die with a gunshot at 9 o’clock in the morning on the twenty-ninth of March. Hladik was a marvelous author who wrote all types of writings. Out of all of his books, articles and plays, his most loved one was his play “The Enemies”.  Anyhow, while Hladik is being kept captive before his shooting, he decides that he is desperate to finish his most treasured work.  He prays to G-d to give him another year for him to finish his story. The day of his death comes and he still doesn’t know how his extra year will be granted.

The Secret Miracle is a very complex story. Half of our group didn’t like the story; they felt it was hard to understand, the words were too difficult and that the writer could have a done a better job at explaining his thoughts. In the other hand, the rest of the group felt like it was an entertaining challenge; they said that it wasn’t the typical story they would go for but once they read it a couple of times, they feel in love with the plot. We would recommend this story to those readers who are up for the challenge or very advanced ones interested in complex short stories 

Review of “The Garden of Forking Paths” by Jorge Luis Borges

 By PopRockz

  Jorge Luis Borges was born in Buenos Aires In 1899. Educated in Europe, he was a
widely-acclaimed prolific writer who died in 1986. He received the Annual Literary Award, the
fifth biennial Jerusalem Prize, the Alfonso Reyes Prize, and shared the International Publishers’
prize and the Cervantes Prize.
  “The Garden of Forking Paths” is about a German spy in Britain who needs to
communicate a message to his leader over the hullabaloo of World War I. The spy, whose name
is Yu Tsun, is racing against time to complete his mission before he is captured by his British
arresting officer. He escapes on a train and finds a famous Sinologist named Stephen Albert, who
has no idea of the part he will be playing in Tsun’s mission. The two of them discuss a labyrinth
which Ts’ui Pen, Tsun’s ancestor, had created long ago. They delve into the mystery of an
infinite novel, an impossible maze, and a long-dead man whose genius was not appreciated in his
lifetime. When the puzzle pieces come together, Tsun is somehow left with infinite choices yet
perhaps none at all... 
  This short story was very well written and well thought out. However, it was also
extremely complex and confusing. I recommend this story if you’re seeking to read something
that gets your mind going. If you just want a quick read or something simple, I do not
recommend this story. It is somewhat abstract and convoluted.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Introducing Amalia

Hello, my name is Amalia!! I am in 10th grade. I'm interested in reading mystery novels. It's fun to see how everything unrolls. I'm in the group Pink Pugs.