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Marionne Vigderovich

Writing assignment 15


In the year 1000 there was a god whose name was Merucio. He had many lovers, and he had a daughter with one of them. Her name was Savannah, and whenever her father dies, she would take his place. Once she turned 21, she was forced to get married since she is a female and she couldn’t rule the world by herself. There were many other gods who wanted to take the husband role, but Savannah had a hard time deciding what she wanted to do. They were all great candidates, but she didn’t want to have her father´s life style, she wanted to marry someone who she truly loved.

 There was a person who was “truly in love” with Savannah, but unfortunately he was known as the “devil of heavens”(Voldemort) which obviously meant that he was not the best option for her since she is on the good side. He decided that he would try to seduce her because he knew that if he married her, he would be the god of the universe. Savannah assumed that he wanted to take over the universe and she was obviously right. She rejected him, and she told him that if he tried talking to her one more time, she would arrest him for the rest of his life, but she wasn’t aware of the power that he had.

 Voldemort was used to get whatever he wanted all the time, he hated it whenever he didn´t.  His anger was so big, that he decided that he would punish Savannah. It was a punishment that would make her life miserable for the rest of her life, or at least that’s what he thought. He decided that he would give Savannah a curse, which was to make her fall in love with her father.

 Savannah had a huge desire to be with her father, but she knew that he would never allow such thing to happen. Since she didn’t know what to do, she asked Morgana (her maid) for help. She told her that if she helped her she would give her anything she wanted, so therefore she accepted.

 Morgana set up a room and disconnected the lights so Merucio wouldn’t notice that it was his own daughter. Merucio already had tons of lovers, so he just assumed that it was one of them. They spent many nights together, but one night he wondered who the “lady” was. Her smell was so familiar to him, and that made him wonder who it was. He decided to connect the lights to find out who she was. Whenever he found out he almost had a heart attack. His anger was so big that he was about to kill her, but right when he is about to kill her, she let him know that she was expecting his baby. Savannah was pregnant.


Merucio decided to let her live until the baby was born, but then Morgana told him what had occurred. Once he found out that it was Voldemort who did this to her, he decided that he would make him pay the consequences. He arrested him, but Voldemort had the chance to curse Merucio, he did exactly what he had done to Savannah, so now they are both in love with each other. Merucio decided that we wanted to marry his daughter, and they did. Now that Savannah got married she became the new god of the universe.

Omar and Tal

Omar and Tal
Omar was scrolling through posts in a chat room when one particular post caught his eye. He started to read it and enjoyed the girl’s writing. Finally, after reading other posts and ideas that the girl had written in the past, he learned that her name was Tal and he became friendly with her. They had many things in common. They both loved writing, reading, and were both part of an army. The only thing was that Tal was part of the Israeli army, and Omar was part the Jordanian army, and their parents would never allow them to marry, let alone date. They both decided that they should probably just be friends.
Everyday, Omar and Tal would talk online and they began to fall in love. They really wanted to see each other in person even though they knew it was dangerous. They knew that this would cause many problems, but they were determined to see each other. After trying to think of different solutions, they decided that they would meet at a place along the border where not many soldiers went, even though it was dangerous for both of them. Excited, Omar immediately got to work on figuring out the details. Studying the routine of the soldiers on both the Jordanian and Israeli side, Omar saw that for six minutes, from 10:35 to 10:41 A.M., there were no soldiers on either side of the border.
Omar let Tal know of the situation, and she thought the idea would work. They agreed that they were going to meet up the next day at 10:37 A.M., just to be safe.
When both of them arrived at their spot, it seemed great. Nobody suspected anything because they were both part of the army. There was one person, however, a Jordanian soldier who saw Omar walking by, and knew it wasn’t his shift time. Omar was not aware that he was following him. Ignorant of being watched, Tal and Omar had a great time talking and just meeting each other. They decided that they would do this more often. Just as they were saying that, though, the soldier who was following Omar approached both of them, arrested them, and put them in jail. They were to have a trial the next morning.
Omar and Tal knew that if they stayed in jail that night and had the trial the next morning, the possibility of something happening to them was very great, especially since they were both members of armies which were only slightly at peace with each other. This was particularly dangerous for Tal because she was an enemy to the Jordanians. They could not find out who she really was.
Omar and Tal decided that they would have to escape from the prison, but they didn’t know how. They were thinking and thinking but understood that none of the options that they thought of would work because the guards weren’t leaving. They decided that they should just use this moment to talk and get to know each other because they knew that they weren’t going to be getting out anytime soon.  In a way they were kind of excited to be in a cell together, because the whole point of meeting by the border was just to get to know each other. After a little while, the guards went into the next room for their lunch break. Tal realized that this was their only chance to escape. It was either now or never. Tal learned how to pick locks in the army a few years ago, and now was the time to recall that skill. She tried and tried but nothing was working. She didn’t give up though. Finally, the cell door opened and Tal and Omar were ecstatic!  They hadn’t thought out much of a plan after that, especially because they didn’t think they were going to find a way out. Instinctively, they decided to run as fast as they could once outside of the prison. Of course they were noticed. Who wouldn’t notice two people running out of the jail? They were being chased, but there were fewer guards than usual, because many of the guards were on their lunch break. Omar and Tal were almost out of the area around the jail when all of a sudden they were surrounded. They were caught.
Omar whispered to Tal that she should run and pushed her so hard that she went flying past the guards who were surrounding them. She started running as fast as she could and eventually outran the guards. Tal knew though that the punishment for a prisoner trying to escape was execution. She couldn’t bear to think of Omar being executed! She then took her sword out, pointed it at her chest, and ran into a tree.
Little did Tal know Omar was still alive! Back at the prison, Omar used his skills and knocked out every single guard that was surrounding him. He ran to look for Tal. He found her not far from the prison and immediately saw what  had happened. He took her sword and killed himself too.  

Ovid Final By:Osher

It was a gloomy October day in Scotland as William sat on his cold simple cot. Will was put in the public orphanage in the eastern most part of Scotland.  He was always told by his caretakers that seventeen years ago, on one of the windiest days of the year, one of the women went out to get the mail. Yet, as she was stepping out she saw this little, tiny, adorable baby boy. He was wrapped up with a royal blue and gold blanket, and attached to him was a note. However, the note got lost, or so his nurses said. The nurse quickly brought him into the dull medical room in the orphanage and started checking if he was healthy or if something was different with him.  William always questioned this story. He didn’t understand why his parents would have left him in the first place in an orphanage, but especially that they didn’t bring him inside. Another thing that made him really curious is the fact that the people that took care of him kept on telling him that he was brought inside to make sure nothing was different with him. Normally, children were just brought inside to have a routine medical checkup. But for him, it was to see if anything was special.   This all didn’t make sense to him. It kept on being a big missing puzzle piece to the rest of his confusing life.
Recently, Will was having two of the same dreams over and over again. Normally, Will didn’t ever remember his dreams, but these ones stuck like glue. The first one was a proper looking mad looking down at him. Every time this man popped up in his dreams, he always appeared in a different way. He was shown to Will either in a large portrait or in person. William knew that he had never really met this person, or at least he couldn’t remember it. Yet, where could he have met him? Will had been in the same orphanage for seventeen years now. William always wondered whether this man was important to his life. Yet, he could very well be a character in a movie and never affect Will’s life ever.
His second dream was even weirder and more unrealistic than the first. Will dreamed repeatedly that he could transform into anything that he wanted. He could shape shift from a fish, to a plant, to a lion, to a fly, to a book, and everything in between. His dreams made him feel like he was invinciblelike a super hero. Yet, all of this didn’t make any sense to him. He was just a normal kid living in Scotland. In his mind, no way he could possibly do any of this.
Because of these bizarre dreams he constantly dreamt, he wanted to get someone else’s opinion on it. So, that day he wanted to talk to his best friend David about it. He entered the lunch room where he normally saw him. He went to stand in line for his food. Today it was green peas, and way-too-cheesy macaroni and cheese. As he left the line he saw David. He went up to him and said,” Hey David….I need to tell you something extremely important….meet me at the table that’s at the right corner okay?”
David seemed confused but said,” Sure… I’ll get my food quickly and meet you there.” As David got his food, William went to save the table they were talking about. When he got there he put his bland food down and started thinking about his dream situation much more. David finally got to the table and started questioning him if everything was all right. 
Will quickly responded, “ I know it seems a bit stupid but for some reason I can’t get it out of my head…”
“All right….what is it?” David said, still very worried and puzzled.
“So I’ve had these two really creepy dreams lately. One is of a man looking either straight at me or the same man in a huge portrait. He seems like a very proper and put together guy. The second dream is that I can shape shift into anything I want whenever I want.” Will continued,” And that’s all I’ve been dreaming about….I don’t know what to do….I feel like it might have to do something with my past…something about how I got to this orphanage.”
David gave him this look like he was crazy, “Well…personally I think that it’s just a dream….” The head caretaker then called all of them back to the main room for rest period. Will got annoyed that his own best friend who he grew up with didn’t believe him.
“Okay…I guess…whatever….I’ll figure it out.” William decided to leave the orphanage and hoped that no one will notice. He left quickly and ran into the nearby forest. The strong autumn wind pushed his brown parted hair across his face. William was so confused. He didn’t understand what dreams meant. He found his way to the center of the forest. There was an old man there, just singing to himself. Will kicked the gorgeous, dry, and colorful fall leaves. The old man heard this noise, turned around. Suddenly Will heard a gasp. He turned around as the old man slowly came closer to him. He was wearing a silk navy cloak while hunching over with his cane. Will said,” Sir….can I help you?”
The elderly man came up to him gesturing toward his face almost about to touch it. He said,” It’s the same…the same face and everything!”
“ Excuse me sir, what’s the same….do I know you?”
“You don’t know me, but I know you. And your father…”. Will heard this and so many things rushed through his head.
“You know my father? How?”
“ Well, it’s a rather long story. Just about eighteen years ago I was one of the grand King’s right had man.  This King had an affair with a woman but didn’t want anyone in his kingdom to know and I was the only one whom he told. William, the King is your father.”
Will’s face turned completely white. He could not believe was he was hearing. This man could lead him to his past. “What?” Will exclaimed,” So if you were the king’s servant then, what happened until now?”
“The king kicked me out. Actually he kicked me out because I tried to somewhat save you… You see, I was the only one who knew about your father’s affair and later on, you. So I came with your father to an orphanage here. However when I put you down in front of the orphanage, I stuck a note on your back saying the story of the king and his affair. The king refused to let even your caretakers know who your father was. So, his majesty and I simply returned to the palace. A month later the king got a letter from your orphanage saying that they understood that you were a prince, yet that they wouldn’t say anything about it to anyone. Your father understood that I must have put that message on you as we left. I just did it for your good, in hope that one day you could maybe somehow return to your home. As soon as the king found out about this, he too abandoned me and sent me too Scotland.”
Will was in complete shock. He was even debating whether he should believe this story or not.” Oh my! Wow…I cannot believe that that is my past. First of all, I would like to thank you for trying to save me. Second, can I somehow meet to my father?”
“Well, since I originally wanted the Prince to stay at his own home, I suppose I can try to help get you back.” Will was the happiest he had ever been. He and the old messenger Jeremiah went back to the orphanage. Luckily, the nurses remembered Jeremiahs and let William leave with him. 
Jeremiah pulled out his old and torn map of Europe and pointed to where they were” This is where we are,” then he moved his finger,” and this is where we need to be.”Will was confused about why his father would send him to Scotland if he was in a totally different country. “Why are you and I both in Scotland, but my father’s in a different country?” 
“Well, the king sends all of the people whom he doesn’t want in his kingdom to Scotland”. From there, their journey began to England, the kings kingdom. They passed marvelous mountains, swampy lakes and magnificent views. By day they walked, and by night they found a cave or a resting spot. Throughout the entire trip William kept on having his two insanely weird dreams. He wondered if they had anything to do with his father or past. After two months worth of hiking and sleeping in bug’s nests, then finally reached England. Once there, Jeremiah knew how to get to the castle from his past experiences. Luckily, the guard at the gate recognized him and let him in. As Will and Jeremiah found where the king was, they reassured themselves that they could be put to death for this. Yet they had no choice. The barged in and as the King saw both of them step in, his face completely dropped.
“Guards! Guards! What do you think you’re doing here, Jeremiah?! And who is this that came with you?” By now the guards had both of them tied up, hands behind their backs. Suddenly, Will took a closer look at this man in front of him and noticed that this was the person in his dreams. To connect it all, he dreamt about his father. William wondered if this journey would lead him to his other dream.
“Your majesty,” Jeremiah said while bowing,” I have come not for me but to help him,” he gestured to William, “He is William, your son.” Everyone in the huge royal room gasped and started whispering. The guards let go of their arms in shock. No servant either than Jeremiah knew the king had a son. 
The king turned completely red out of embarrassment. “Nonsense!” King Edward exclaimed. But people didn’t believe it and were still whispering, so he said, “Everyone out! All the guards get out of this room at once. Everyone except you two,” he said pointing at Will and Jeremiah. As everyone cleared, all three started coming closer to each other.  “Listen, I may have had a son, but who do you think you are to come in here and announce that? And how do I even know that he actually is my son?” Will felt so abandoned and destroyed. He thought his father would be nicer. 
“Look your majesty, William and I found each other. I told him the story of how he got put in the orphanage, why Scotland, why I was in Scotland etc…, so this poor young boy wanted to go find his father. Please sire, try to help him”
The king thought about this. He tried to see if there was a benefit to him, and then he remembered that every other generation or so, the royal family has a gift in which one can shape shift. He wondered if his son Will had this and if the King could put it to good use for him. For example, if they were ever in a war he could pretend to be the enemy by transforming and get secrets from them. Overall he wanted to see if he could shape shift so it would benefit him. “All right, I’ll give William a test, the test is that for twenty-four hours you will be put in random surroundings and will magically be transformed whenever. The point is that you need to survive. The way that you do this is by shape shifting. You might have a gift of this. If you do and manage to survive this challenge, you will be able to live in the palace, and I will tell my kingdom the truth. “ Suddenly, everything made so much sense to Will. He kept on having dreams that he could shape shift and the truth was that he really could, but he just needed to figure out how. Maybe when he was put in the situation he would learn. So the next day Will was ready to go into the arena that would change multiple times into different places such as the beach, ocean, jungle, savannah, mall, etc… 
As Will entered the arena, Jeremiah looked at him and said, “Be safe young man. You can do it”. Will thanked him and walked in not knowing if he would come out. The setting the first time was the arctic. The second that Will set both feet on the snow, he turned into a fruit fly. His transformations wasn’t by agreement .The king controlled that.  The icy wind was blowing him around. He was flapping his wings but it wasn’t helping. William told himself,” All right Will, try, try to transform.” He thought really hard about it. He told himself he wanted to transform into a polar bear to fit the surroundings. And all of a sudden, he switched into a polar bear. Will was so proud of himself, yet transforming hurt. He was in pain for the next few hours. After a few hours, the setting was switched to a savannah. King Edward changed ‘polar bear’ Will into a deer surrounded by a seven lions. Will was in trauma. He quickly tried to tell himself to switch into a lion also so they wouldn’t eat him. It was hurting him, yet he did it. He stayed in the form of a lion for a while. These transitions and near death experiences continued to occur until twenty-four hours passed. But every time William was transformed he was in pain for a while.
Finally, after going through the arctic, savannah, then rainforest, then ocean, and more, William finally got let out of the treacherous arena back into the palace. As he got out, Jeremiah was there to greet him. He grasped his hand and then gave Will a hug.” Good job son, are you all right?”
“Yes, I guess I’m fine, just a bit in pain from shape shifting that’s all, muscles aching.” 
“Well why don’t you get some sleep, and King Edward will talk to us about your success tomorrow.”
“All right,” Will said,” Thank you.” Will returned to his guest room at the end of the hall. Round the corner he heard the King and his new right hand man, Jones.
“He successfully managed to do all of that, all of the tricks I tried to kill him for for the sake that I won’t have to tell my kingdom and look like a coward. His talent is beyond anyone of his ancestors….”
“What shall his majesty want to do with this?” Jones said.
“I want to keep him for myself. For him to be a weapon for this kingdom would be fascinating. He could transform into the enemy when war approaches and sneak around to find the secrets. We’ll just use him. Of course I won’t actually want to be his father….” The King said this leading his servant down the hall opposite to where Will was eavesdropping. Will was in complete shock. He could not believe that this is what king Edward, his own biological father wanted to do to him. Even though his Father did put him in an orphanage and was a terrible man, he expected more.
Will went into his guest room and thought real hard about what to do. He was so angry.  At that moment, he just wanted his father out of the picture. He didn’t want him to control his life. He didn’t want him using his talent that actually hurt him physically. He decided that for his sake and for the rest of the nation, he had to kill his father. 
So at precisely six o’clock, William left his room as Jones. He was sneaking around making sure that Jones wasn’t around anywhere, Will went into the kitchen  made sure the real Jones wasn’t there, and stepped in, and announced,” I will be bringing his Majesty’s dinner a bit early today, and a special delivery from me,”. Automatically everything was ready for King Edward. Yet, the poison that he found in a drawer in the kitchen was still not in his food. He turned around and put two drops in his warm pumpkin soup. Will walked into the grand room of the King and luckily, there was no Jones there. He stepped in and said, “Sire, I got you a special delivery of pumpkin soup with an extra twist!”
“Well how lovely of you to bring me my dinner earlier than usual. I was starting to get a bit hungry. You know me so well.”
“Well I shall leave you with that, I must return to my errands now,” Will said as he walked out of the room. There was an awkward silence as only Will’s footsteps were heard leaving the room.
After going to his room and transforming back to Will, he was in a lot of pain, so he went to rest. After an hour of resting and sleeping he heard a knock at his door, it was Jeremiah.
“Have you heard the news?” He asked. “Your father, the most treacherous king has died by food poisoning.” 
Will could not tell if he was happy or sad but he responded, “Yes, I know, I did it, but you must not tell anyone.” Now Jeremiahs jaw completely dropped,” I promise I have reason for it. “
William explained to Jeremiah how the shape shifting hurt him. Also how King Edward wanted to use him to fight his enemies. 
Overall, neither the guards, nor the citizens were really upset that their king had died. This was because the people were starving, were always being taxed more, and barely had anymore rights. The guards had never been treated right either.  The parliament decided that now because they knew there was another member of the royal family that he should become King. When will heard of this he was flattered that the kingdom would think of him as someone who could become the next king. But he didn’t believe that he could take their generous offer.  However he didn’t know what to do yet.
William stepped out of a gorgeous carriage onto the stunning red carpet leading up all the way to the podium of where he would be crowned. The moment he stepped out he saw the people of the kingdom all there cheering in awe that they would finally get a new king. In his most king-like manner he walked up to the throne. A head minister was standing there with his crown and a Bible for him on which to swear on his kingship. As William got up, the minister asked, “Are you ready, sir?”
Will didn’t know what to say. He knew that this was a role too big for a boy his age to have, so he spoke up and said,” No sir, sorry I’m not for this job.” A gasp then silence fell upon the entire audience. William continued, “I am only a seventeen-year-old boy who has recently figured out that I am a royal member. This kingdom deserves its, best but I will not be able to give them that. Truthfully, I know someone that will be able to give all of you what you need. This wise man has previously been one of the former king’s top advisors. He knows how to run a kingdom. Now this man might have made one mistake, but it was to try to save me. It was a courageous act of bravery. Please, if you too agree with me, let us not crown me but rather Jeremiah!” The crowd roared with claps and screams of joy. These people knew what type of person Jeremiah was from him being the  king’s right-hand man. And from the way they were cheering, it was clear to all that they wanted him as king.
So Jeremiah came up and swore that he would try to be the best king he could possibly be. Also, William stayed within the palace and received education. But on top of education he was King Jeremiah’s right-hand man. In addition, Jeremiah treated him like his own son. Overall, William was happy he could give such an opportunity to someone who really deserved it, in addition, he was living the life.

Secrets By:Atenas

  Chapter 1

October 23 1824 

 It had just started snowing in New York City as Cassandra reached her door step.Cassandra lived in a neighborhood surrounded by mansions. Her house was the only minuscule  house in the neighborhood. Inside the house was warm.Cassandra hated winter.She preferred being warm.Mostly because she did not like the way she looked in a winter coat. When ever she entered the house, memories of her mother came to her. The smell of freshly baked bread and the sound of her mom singing as she cooked. A few years had passed since her mother had left. Cassandra missed her mom but as much as she missed her she hated her. Her mother had left because her father had lost his business and had been evicted from their house. All Cassandra could think of as the years went by was how could her mother leave her just because they weren't as wealthy. Did she not care about her father at all. Was it always about the money.
“Cassandra, Cassandra is that you?.” Her father’s voice brought her back to reality.
“Yes father, its me.” Cassandra replied. Cassandra's father had been distant towards her since the day her mother left. She did not blame him for it, but sometimes she wished he went back to being the man he was when her mother was still around.
 “Are you ready for dinner?”
“Yes, I just need to get my coat.”
Her father returned from the drawing room with coat on and ready to go out the door. As they went into another one of their silent walks to dinner she recollected more memories.
Since her father’s business no longer existed he did some financial work for one of his friends companies.He did not make much, but it was enough to support them both.Cassandra remembered the days when she lived in one of the big houses around the neighborhood. Her house had been taken by the bank when her father went bankrupt. The house was now owned by the Malecs’. The Malecs’ were her father’s friends, and on some nights they invited Cassandra and her father for dinner. Going to the Malecs’ house always brought her good and bad memories; usually bad. This house, this life they no longer had, was the life her mother could not live without. It had been the reason she had left. And tonight was a night where she would have to re-live this memories.They had once again been invited for dinner at the Malecs’ house.

Chapter 2 
“The Malecs”

 Cassandra was glad they had reached the Malecs’ doorstep. They had been walking for the longest time that she could no longer feel her face. Her father had knocked the door and Cassandra could hear footsteps approaching the door.
“Mr. Clace, Mrs.Clace, please come in, they are all waiting for you in the dining room” said Hayley, The Malecs’ house maid. She took Cassandra's coat and her father’s, set them on a hanger and led them to the dining room. As they entered the room the Malecs’ were already sitting and waiting for them. Cassandra sat across from James, the Malecs’ 19 year old son. He was only a year older than her. She always found James to be a handsome man, but he barely ever spoke to her. Next to her was Evelin, James’s mother. At the head of the table was Robert, James’s father; and her father sat next to James. After they all sat down they greeted each other, and waited for the servants to bring up the food. As the food was being placed before them, her father and Robert began to speak about money, and things she did not pay attention to because they weren't of her interest. She began to speak to Evelin who had always been kind to her. In a way Evelin was her only mother figure.
“Is that a new dress?” said Cassandra. 
“Yes, it is, I've had it for a long time, but I forgot I had it till tonight when I was getting dressed and Evelin found it at the back of the closet”. Evelin was wearing a gray dress that cinched at the waist. it really did make her look beautiful.
“Well it’s very pretty, it makes your eyes stand out. I wish i had blue eyes.” 
“Well, thank you that’s very kind of you.”
While Cassandra was eating she could feel someone staring at her and she knew who it was. It was James. She had never spoken to James, besides saying hello and goodbye every time they encountered each other. 
After dinner Cassandra realized, James was still staring at her.She decided to look up, and for a moment, She and James locked eyes. As they stared at each other, Cassandra could see hatred in his eyes. She did not understand why he could possible be looking at her like that. After what felt like and hour of staring at each other, James looked away ;and did not look at her until her father had told her it was time to go.
As she began to stand up, James stood up too and started to approach her side of the table. She did not understand why he would possibly be coming this way. It was obvious he did not like her; why would he want to talk to her. And as he reached her side, he spoke for the first time in a long time.Everyone went silent. Cassandra did nothing, but stand and stare.
“Cassandra, before you leave, I have a question I need to ask you.” Andrew said with urgency.
“Yes, what is it?” Cassandra was nervous too, but she refused to show it. She replied as if she were speaking to a stranger. And as she replied,James began to kneel, as if he was about to ask for her hand. But that could not be possible. He is probably tying his shoe. “He cant possible be asking me to marry him. This is the longest conversation I've ever had with him;since the time we have known each other.”James began to speak again.
“Cassandra I know, that we do not know each other very well, but that does not matter because we can get to know each other-”
“What are you doing?” said Cassandra with desperation in her voice. And just like that he blurted it out.
“Would you marry me Cassandra Clace?”
And all she could do was stare at him in horror.

Chapter 3 

Cassandra began to recover from horror and shock when she remembered that she had not answered his question. And everyone in the room was staring at her including Hayley, waiting for her to give James an answer. 
“I.. um,n-.”
Cassandra found herself being interrupted by the man sitting next to James her father, and she became aware of the fact that he knew she was about to say no. Instead he took matter into his own hands.
“Yes, of course she will marry you!,”Cassandras father said “wont you Cass?”.
Cassandra still in shock just nodded, not processing what was going on. She felt James hand touch her hand as he slipped the ring into her finger . Cassandra could not believe she was engaged to James.He was a handsome young man but she did not know him at all, all she could think of through out the evening until she got home was the fact that she was engaged and she did not know how it was possible.

january 10,1825

As the months passed Cassandra got to know James.The new year had come and the wedding date approached.She kept on remembering the day she got engaged as soon as she had return to the house she wanted to break off the engagement, but her father did not allow her.He had told her if she did not marry him, she was no longer welcome in his house.Cassandra had to agree.Her thoughts were interrupted as the Malecs’ carriage approached her house and James stepped out of the carriage to help her inside.At this time of the year it was no longer cold but Cassandra still felt a shiver going up her spine as James held her hand to help her get inside the carriage.Cassandra had a bad feeling about James he moment they were having one of their many night carriage rides to get to “know each other”.James made a stop in an alley. He did not notice but Cassandra was looking out the window; when she saw James talking to and old man. Who held a small bottle, with a substance; that from afar looked like water. But in her mind Cassandra knew it was not water, but poison. James took it and walked back to the carriage where Cassandra sat inside looking at him as she had not seen anything that had just happened. Today was another one of their “get to know each other” carriage rides. Cassandra was sitting in the carriage,and across from her James was staring at her. There was no love in his eyes, There was hate. And she did not understand why. Whenever she tried to speak to him, he just answered her in short sentences ,or chose to ignore her. Cassandra’s father was not aware of her unhappiness with James, and she did not tell him; because she knew if she did not marry James she would have nowhere to go. It was in times like these that Cassandra missed her mother.
This carriage ride was no different than the others it was quite and distant, and all Cassandra could think off was getting of the carriage, having dinner ,and returning home.
All of the sudden the carriage came to stop that caught James by surprise. For the first time since she had known him, she saw a different emotion in his eyes that was not anger, but surprise.
 Before stepping out of the carriage James turned his back on the door to look at Cassandra and as he did, he said “Don’t move.” And left. After a few minutes of waiting, Cassandra heard a scream. But it was not just any scream, it was James screaming in pain. As if something or someone had caught him by surprise. Cassandra began to stand to get off the carriage. But before she could reach the door, the carriage began moving. And James was nowhere to be seen.

Chapter 4

Casssandra had a moment of pure fear, but as the carriage continued to move she could only only wonder what was going on; and why the carriage was moving so fast. She felt safer during this moment of loneliness than when she was with James. The carriage came to a sudden stop and the door opened. At the door was standing a tall young man with beautiful blue eyes and red hair. They stared at each other for what felt like hours. They broke eye contact the moment he held his hand out to Cassandra, and surprising him and herself, she took his hand confidently as he helped her out of the carriage. Cassandra had been walking for what seemed like hours in the streets of New York City. The misterious young man that had just kidnapped her, led her around many streets until they reached a cheap hotel.The young man asked for a room and the man at the front desk looked over at her with a look of worry in his eyes. She looked at him and with an expression saying “i am alright”. The man asked for the boys name.
“Excuse me sir, what is your name?”
“Andrew,” said the boy.
And just like that the man handed him the key to room 15.

Andew opened the door to room 15.As every gentelman would he let Cassandra in the room first, and than proceded to close the door behind him.Andrew had never felt this nerveous in his life. After all, he had never kidnaped someone, specially a girl.He remembered the first time his father had asked him if he was willing to kidnapp someone, in order to earn money. At first he assumed his father was going mad, but later on he lernt it was true. A man was offering Andrew a generous amount of money if he agreed to kidnap his daughter. Andrew was in no possition to denying this job, so he agreed. Now here he was in a room with the girl he had just kidnapped,and instead of regreting what he had just done, all he could wonder was why the girl was not screaming; after all he had just kidnapped her.

When he agreed to the job, the clients request was that after he had kidnapped her and knew he was safe from being followed, he would have to explain to the girl why he had done it.After all who wouldnt asked why they were kidnapped. There he was, standing; now was the time to inform her on the situation.
Cassandra was not scared, all she wanted to know was why this handsome guy, named Adrew had kidnapped her. She did not have to wait long to find out.Right when she was about to start asking questions ,Andrew began started speaking.
“I know you have many questions, and i will answer them,” said Andrew “I just need you to give me a few minutes. Dont worry I am not going to harm you.”
“Okay, I will listen.” 
“Will you please take a sit.” Andrew pointed at the chair next to the small table in the room.
Cassandra walked to the table and sat. Andrew followed her and sat across from her.
“I did not take you because I want to do any harm to you, I took you because your father asked me too.”
“My father?, what does my father have to do with this?.”
“He came to me a few day ago, offering to pay me if i abducted you. trust me I did not understand why, but the first thing he told me was that the biggest mistake he ever commited was agreeing to your marriage with James. He said he is a dangerous man, and the only reason he agreed to the engagment was because he owed money to the Malecs.”
Cassandra felt rage bulding inside her, how could her father consider paying her debts with the Malecs by giving her to James. That was wrong and she did not know how she would ever forgive him.
“Why kidnapp me? how is that going to help my father? or me?”
“He could not cancel the engagement, but he could take you away from them, somewhere were you could never be found. You would not have to live a life of unhappiness; all because of the mistakes he had commited.”
“And were would I go exactly? its not like I have any family members I can stay with. and I do not have any money.”
“He told me we should stay here for a few months until he gets the money, and than you can go to any destination of your liking.”
“If I agree to this, I will not have to marry James or ever have to see the Malecs again?”
“Yes, that is if you aprove of this plan.”
“Than yes I agree, but just so you know,I will be sleeping on the bed, you can take the floor.”
For a moment Cassandra saw Andrew smile, and from that moment on she knew she could trust him; and that Andrew would protect her until the moment came. And she could finally leave this life she so badly wanted to scape.

Chapter 5

April 19, 1825

As the months passed Cassandra go to know Andrew. She began to develop feelings for him; feelings she never had for James. Unlike James, Andrew was kind and he always spoke to her with kindness. She could not recall a time where he was ever mad. He always had something ineteresting to tell her. She lernt to apreciate things more; because of the stories he told her. About him and his father. The way they lived, and how he did not need much to live.The only thing that took this day from being just another normal day ,was the moment the owner nocked on the door of her room ,and told her that a man named James was downstairs; and was asking if he had seen a girl with her apperance.
Suddenly she felt Andrews hand reach her hand.
“I do not believe the man downstairs is asking for my sister,” said Andrew.
Because they had spent so much time at the hotel, Andrew and Cassandra had decided that in order to not atract attention to themsevlves they would say they were brother and sister. Like that people would not stare, and wonder why they spent so much time inside the room.
“After all we are only new in town,” Added Cassandra.
“Very well, if you say so, I am sorry if i caussed you any trouble.”
And just like that he left. Andrew closed the door. And in a rush of desperation he told Cassandra they needed to leave. It was no longer safe. He would inform her father they were leaving, as soon as she was ready to go. 
Moments after the owner had left and Cassandra started packing, someone nocked on the door. Andrew told her to be silent as he looked throught the peephole.
Andrew turned around with fear in his eyes.
“He found us,” Whispered Andrew.
“What are we going to do?”
A moment of silent passed between them, before Andrew began speaking again.
“I will sneek out the window, and figure out how to get you back. You should go with him and tell him that you had been kindnaped all this time.Do not worry I will come back for you, but this time we will go far from here.”
Before Cassandra could answer, Andrew moved from the door kissed her on the cheeck, headed to the window ,and disapeared. Cassandra was alone and had begun to reach for the door; were James the man she hated, was standing on the other side.
Cassandra opened the door ,and there he was, James. Staring at her wide eyed. He did not hug her ,instead he took her by the rists and started dragging her downstairs; and into the carriage. Once inside the carriage he kept on asking her questions about who had kidnapped her. But the only thing she said was that she never really saw his face, and that he had been gone for a few days; and she did not now know were he had gone.The carriage was now reaching the Malecs residence when all of the sudden, it stopped in the middle of the road.
This time James instead of leaving Cassandra inside the carriage he dragged her down with him. He did not want to leave her inside.In case she got kidnapped again.As they walked to the front of the carriage to see what had stopped them.Someone jumped off the drivers seat and tackeled James to the floor.The attacker struck James on the head ,to stop him from fighting back.James attacker turned around to look at Cassandra ,and as he turned around ,Cassandra had already guessed who it was. He after all had promissed his return.
Andrew stood up and embrassed her, and after a moment he told Cassandra they needed to leave that night; before James regained consiousness ,and started looking for her again.
“But what about my father?, we do not have money Andrew!”
“I went to see him as soon as I left you. I told him about the situation ,and he gave me this.”
From his coat pocket he took out and envelope, and inside there was money. The money they needed to leave this life. The life she hated.
Andrew and Cassandra took the Malecs’ carriage once again and fled to another small hotel. Were they could stay the night.

Chapter 6

Through out the night Cassandra could not sleep. She could not stop thinking about James, and the possibility that he might find them again. Cassandra came to the conclusion that he must be stopped, once and for all.
She silently tiptoed around the room, got dressed and snuck out. Cassandra needeed to take matters into her own hands, and end James life. 
She remembered that one carriage ride, when James had gotten off to buy a suspisious liquid; which she now knew was poision. Andrew had told  her that James was a murderer ,and that he usually used poision to end his victims lives.
Cassandra decided to walk to the alley were James had bought the poison, and once she reached the alley the old man aproached her ,and asked her what it was she required.
“I would like to purchase poison.”
“Why would a girl like you need to buy a subatance of that kind?.”
“I need it to defend myself, and that is all.”
The man did not ask her any more questions. He gave her one last look, took her money, and gave her the liquid.
On her walk to the alley Cassandra had developed a plan on how to get rid of James. She had decided to enter the Malecs residence dressed as a servant,gain access to the kitchen ,and poisen James’s food.Cassandra had nothing to loose. After all, she either married James ,or could get cought in the action of attempting a murder. But all she cared about was being with Andrew ,and she knew as long as James was still alive she could not have a life with the man she actually loved; Andrew.


April 30,1825

Days had passed since James had been poisened by Charles Clace  in his residence. Where he had been found dead at the dinner table. At least thats what the news paper that Andrew kept re-reading said.Cassandra had not expected her plan to go wrong,after all she had not given much thought to the plan.
Cassandras father had been blamed for James death. The Malecs’ used him as an scapegoat. Using the fact that he owed them money as a reason for wanting to murder their son. The Malecs’ told the news papers that Mr.Clace had thretened them; by telling them if they did not stop asking him to pay back what he owed, he would kill James.But Cassandra knew it was all a lie. She had not told Andrew what she had done. She just pretended as if all of this was new to he,r and she did not know anything but what she had read on the newspapers.
The news paper included the information on her fathers punishment.The part of the article she would never forget.The reason why she could not sleep at night.

Mr.Clace has been sentenced to death, and this veredict will and can not be chnaged. His executation has been set for May 1,1825. No family members are able to defend Mr.Clace case, since his only family memeber diapeared months ago. No clues have been found on the disapearance of his daughter Cassandra Clace.