Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Marionne Vigderovich

Writing assignment 15


In the year 1000 there was a god whose name was Merucio. He had many lovers, and he had a daughter with one of them. Her name was Savannah, and whenever her father dies, she would take his place. Once she turned 21, she was forced to get married since she is a female and she couldn’t rule the world by herself. There were many other gods who wanted to take the husband role, but Savannah had a hard time deciding what she wanted to do. They were all great candidates, but she didn’t want to have her father´s life style, she wanted to marry someone who she truly loved.

 There was a person who was “truly in love” with Savannah, but unfortunately he was known as the “devil of heavens”(Voldemort) which obviously meant that he was not the best option for her since she is on the good side. He decided that he would try to seduce her because he knew that if he married her, he would be the god of the universe. Savannah assumed that he wanted to take over the universe and she was obviously right. She rejected him, and she told him that if he tried talking to her one more time, she would arrest him for the rest of his life, but she wasn’t aware of the power that he had.

 Voldemort was used to get whatever he wanted all the time, he hated it whenever he didn´t.  His anger was so big, that he decided that he would punish Savannah. It was a punishment that would make her life miserable for the rest of her life, or at least that’s what he thought. He decided that he would give Savannah a curse, which was to make her fall in love with her father.

 Savannah had a huge desire to be with her father, but she knew that he would never allow such thing to happen. Since she didn’t know what to do, she asked Morgana (her maid) for help. She told her that if she helped her she would give her anything she wanted, so therefore she accepted.

 Morgana set up a room and disconnected the lights so Merucio wouldn’t notice that it was his own daughter. Merucio already had tons of lovers, so he just assumed that it was one of them. They spent many nights together, but one night he wondered who the “lady” was. Her smell was so familiar to him, and that made him wonder who it was. He decided to connect the lights to find out who she was. Whenever he found out he almost had a heart attack. His anger was so big that he was about to kill her, but right when he is about to kill her, she let him know that she was expecting his baby. Savannah was pregnant.


Merucio decided to let her live until the baby was born, but then Morgana told him what had occurred. Once he found out that it was Voldemort who did this to her, he decided that he would make him pay the consequences. He arrested him, but Voldemort had the chance to curse Merucio, he did exactly what he had done to Savannah, so now they are both in love with each other. Merucio decided that we wanted to marry his daughter, and they did. Now that Savannah got married she became the new god of the universe.

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