Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review "Enders Game"

Orson Scott Card is an American author.He did his studies at the Brigham Young University.When he was in school he wrote plays and poetry.After University he got a job at BYU Press and as he worked there he wrote his first novel "Ender's Game".Orson Scott is mostly know for writing "Ender's Game" which won the Hugo and Nebula awards;Ender's Game is not the only book that he wrote, he wrote other continuations to this book, the book he wrote after Ender's Game also won the Hugo and Nebula awards. Card now 61, is co-producing the film adaptation of Ender's Game which will be released at the end of 2013.
Ender's Game is the journey of a 7 year old who has been recruited to Battle School.Earth had just ended a second war with an alien specie known as the "Buggers" and felt that they needed to be prepared incase a Third invasion came to be. Ender gets recruited for Battle school because the government is in need of a new commander who will be able to defeat the buggers if a Third invasion happens. Ender is a lonely boy who does not fit in, at home he gets threats from his older brother who tells him that one day he will kill him; The only person he loves and trusts is his sister Valentine.
The government has been watching Ender since he was younger, the government felt that Ender was destined to be the next commander who would stop Earths destruction. As Ender starts his journey he has proven to be what the government suspected "the best,of the best". In Battle School students prove how good they are as soldiers and commanders by training in the Battle Room:The Battle Room is a simulator that allows students to fight as if they were in a war but it does not cause physical harm.As Ender continues his journey in Battle school he gets pushed to the extreme.His teachers isolate him to the point were everyone hates him, they put him under pressure and exhaust him. In order to make sure he is "the one" that will save earth.As Ender gets pushed to the extreme he develops strong feelings of self hatred to the point were he no longer wants to play, he is tired of this games that are being inflicted upon him.Ender finds himself giving up on all of this, he does not understand why he has to figh or what he is fighting for.
I would definitely recommend this book.What made me enjoy the book the most was the way that you get to see how Enders character grows, how he learns from his mistakes or chooses to ignore his problems. Its as if you are looking at a kid grow and change into something greater.As i read the book i found myself forgetting how old Ender was;because he is only a 7 year old but as i read it i felt as if it was the story of an 18 year old going to war, only at his weakest did i see a bit of his 7 year old self.I like how Card writes this children because all of them sound so grown up and have ideas that a kid that age is not supposed to have. It showed me how responsibility can change a persons way of seeing the world. And in general it just makes you think and as i continued to read i felt for the characters which for me is the most important thing about a book. To read and understand them even learn from them.

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