Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fearful Faith

Two tall men in blue uniforms stood outside Phoebe Wilson’s door. A loud knock on the door awoke Phoebe who was lying on the floor of her living room with an empty bottle of wine in one hand and a half empty pack of cigarettes in another. Before Phoebe could even walk to the door Child Protection Services barged into Phoebes home.  The two men quickly begin searching through Phoebe’s house and found a colossal amount of empty bottles of wine stacked beside the couch. One of the men took out a walkie-talkie from his belt pocket and spoke a blur of words. Soon three more men appeared at the door. They didn’t even bother knocking this time since the door was already open. One of them walked towards Phoebe explaining that a neighbor had called the child protection service giving over information that there was suspicion that Phoebe, an alcoholic, had been taking poor care of her child, Faith. Phoebe automatically knew what this meant: CPS was going to take Faith away from her. Her theory was proved right when she saw Faith being carried away by one of the men in uniform. Tears filled Phoebe’s eyes and she began to sob. Before she could even comprehend what just happened, CPS was gone, and so was Faith. Phoebe reached towards bottle of tequila yearning for it to numb the pain, make her forget about the loss of her daughter and help her cope with the fact that her daughter would be put up for adoption.
Zack and Kelly Miller waited in an adoption office agency filling out the last stack of paperwork. This is the moment the Millers have been waiting for since they found out Kelly was sterile. The Millers were taken into a room with five rows of babies. Zack and Kelly walked over to baby that looked about three months with a band around her ankle that read “Faith”. She had blue eyes and a full head of brown hair.  Zack and Kelly smiled as the held their new daughter for the first time and took her home excited for their new lifestyle that waited for them.
Faith woke up and found her parents next to her holding a cupcake with a candle in the shape of the number 18. They began singing the familiar song, happy birthday. Faith rolled out of bed, got ready for school, and ran to catch the bus. After a long day of school, Faith was eager to come home and spend the rest of her birthday with her family. When Faith got home she found a sticky note in the kitchen. On it was written:
Happy Birthday, sorry sweetie had to work late. There’s a surprise waiting for you in the study. We’ll be back around seven.                                                                                                                                     Love, Mom and Dad.
            Faith rushed to the study and started looking through the all the cabinets to find her surprise. As she was looking for her surprise she came across a manila folder with Faith’s name read across it. Faith wondered if this was the surprise her parents were talking about so she looked inside and found something peculiar inside the folder. She started analyzing the papers in the folder and staring at them for few minutes. Faith came to realization that the papers in her hand were adoption papers with Faith’s name on them. This clearly was a surprise to Faith. It was certainly not the surprise her family intended on giving her. Faith sat at the kitchen table in shock with news she just discovered. To Faith, now her whole life felt like a lie. She began to wonder what other secrets her so called parents were keeping from her. The parents she thought she knew now became strangers to her. Shortly, she began to research her birth-mother  On the adoption papers the only information given about her mother was her name, Phoebe Wilson.
           This news greatly changed Faith’s perspective on life. Now there were only two things she yearned. The first was to find her birth-mother  and the second was to get away from the roller-coaster of emotions brought upon by the adoption. She knew a solution to each of these problems. In order to find her mom she would continue researching, although the only solution to free her from the emotional roller-coaster was drugs.
            Faith walked in to school the next day with only one goal. There was a certain alley behind Bayside High School infamous for being occupied with stoners and druggies. Faith walked into that alley as a tense confused teenager and walked out with a small plastic bag that she thought was the solution to her problem. Faith made an appearance in the alley almost every day. The drugs made her body feel numb and blocked all emotions from her. After a few weeks of research about her birth-mother  Faith finally came across where she could find her. Faith yearned to meet her birth mother. She decided she was going to run away from home in order to find her.
            Later that night, Faith packed her gym bag with a few necessities and drove off to find her. The two-hour drive was sufficient enough for Faith to reflect on her behavior the past few weeks. After a long drive Faith finally reached her destination. Faith sat in the car for almost an hour waiting till she saw the woman from the picture. To make time pass faster, Faith made the immoral decision to get high. She thought this would make reuniting with her mother easier. She sat in the car waiting till she saw the woman who looked just like the woman in the picture that she found online. After another half an hour sitting in the car, a tall brunette with big blue eyes got out of her car. The woman had the same face as the woman in the picture yet she looked totally different. The woman in the picture wore and orange jumpsuit and had red swollen eyes. The woman Faith saw getting out of the car walking to the red brick apartment building looked very put together. She wore a navy blazer with a navy pencil skirt and a white cotton button-down top. Her hair was pinned back into a bun and she carried a briefcase in one hand and a shopping bag in the other. Faith knew she was her mother. Faith stepped out of the car and with a questioning tone she said, “Phoebe Wilson?”
            The tall brunette turned around and answered, “Yes? Who are you?” Faith immediately answered, “My name is Faith Miller.” Before Faith could even finish her sentence Phoebe’s eyes filled up with tears and she wrapped her arms around Faith and they both began to cry. In a low-toned voice Faith whispered, “Hi mom.” Phoebe walked Faith up to her apartment and when they entered Phoebe made Faith some tea, and they sat at the kitchen table. Phoebe began to tell Faith why she was put up for adoption. As Phoebe began to tell Faith what happened that afternoon CPS came to her house Faith burst out into laughter. At first Phoebe kept on ignoring this, but Faith continuously kept on giggling at every other word Phoebe said. The only feeling Faith felt now was lightheaded. Phoebe began to sense something and she asked Faith, “Are you high?” Faith denied it. She abruptly asked Phoebe, “Can we get something to eat?” Before Phoebe could respond Faith grabbed her keys and ran towards the door. Phoebe followed her and grabbed her keys as well because she was not going to let drive when she was high. Faith leading, Phoebe followed Faith to her car. Faith reached towards her pocket to take out her keys but before she could even reach for them Phoebe said, “I am not letting you drive high!” Faith responded, her tone automatically changed her tone filled with anger, “Don’t you trust me? What’s the worst that could happen? It’s the least that you could do after letting CPS take me away from you!” Phoebe just stared at Faith with a blank face and no response. She got in the car. It was the only way she felt she could prove she was a good mother, even if it meant risking her life.
            Faith uncontrollably backed out of her parking spot, Phoebe knew this was going to be a hazardous drive. Faith drove off into oblivion hoping she would find something to eat on the way. As Faith frenziedly drove onto the bridge, the car was silent. The ringing of Faith’s phone cut the silence. Faith reached towards the side and grabbed her phone, not noticing the deer in the headlights. The car screeched and Faith had no control of the car suddenly the car flew on its side. The glass shattered and flew into Phoebe’s stomach and Faith’s face. An Ambulance rushed to the car crash. Two paramedics pulled Faith and Phoebe out and carefully put them each on a stretcher. The ambulance took them to the hospital, and they both lay there unconscious.
            Faith woke up the next day not herself, not in the hospital room anymore, and not anywhere close to her mother. She was surrounded by a trees plethora of wild animals. She followed the noise of the creek and when she got there she looked down at her reflection. The face that stood in front of her did not look at all like her. She stood there on four feet, her face covered in fur with two big ears coming out of her head, two big black eyes across her face and a medium size nose with a black snout at the tip. Panicking, Faith started to run around in circles. It took a while to take in but faith had to cope with the fact that she was now a deer. The life of a deer is a life in despair; it was not the life Faith wanted to live. It would be extremely difficult learning to adapt to a life surrounded by predators. Before, Faith was living a life running way from problems, now Faith was living a life where her greatest fears were chasing her. 

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  1. I love the reunion between Faith and Phoebe and the moral of facing your problems instead of running away from them