Tuesday, May 21, 2013


House At The End Of The Street, a novel based on a movie written by Lily Blake in 2012, is about a teenage girl, Elisa, and her mother moving to a new town. They moved to a new house which is located next to the house in which Mr. and Mrs. Jacobsen got murdered by their own daughter, and that’s why Sara (Elisa´s mother) was able to afford it. There is a rumor that says that Carry Anne, the Jacobsen´s daughter, had an accident in the past, so now she is mentally ill. According to the rumor, one night Carry Anne woke up in the middle of the night, and attacked her parents. Then she ran away into the forest. Ryan Jacobsen, Carry Anne´s older brother, still lives in the house where the incident had occurred. He believed that his sister still lived and was hiding somewhere in the woods, but why would a little girl murder her parents at such a young age? Was she really the one who murdered them? How can she possibly still live alone in the woods? It seems like nothing makes sense, Ryan must be hiding a secret, something that will change everyone´s belief of what really happened. Elisa is about to find out what really happened, but she is going to have to go through many horrible things that she would never expect to happen.

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